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Experience, Originality Critical to Las Vegas Event Planner’s Success

John Miller is a uniquely qualified Las Vegas event planner whose team prides itself in making your Las Vegas special event a seamless success. Our Experience, original ideas, world-class entertainment and on-site supervision set us apart. Be sure to visit our events gallery or reviews page to discover how JME can make your next Las Vegas event truly special. In the meantime, lets explore the traits to which we owe our success.

  • Experience

  • Original Ideas

  • World-class Entertainment

  • Personal on-site Supervision


As a young event planner, I spent years on the Las Vegas front lines in hotel convention services, catering and entertainment, delivering hundreds of events, large and small, in venues of all sizes, shapes and locations. I’ve also been lucky enough to continually collaborate with top experts in talent, music, performance and production.  Experience has given me the ability to listen to your event details and quickly make creative suggestions to make your affair a  successful one.

Original Ideas

Oscar Wilde wrote, “Imagination imitates.  It’s the critical spirit that creates”.  What he meant was, being critical of one’s work makes it even better.  In today’s copycat world you can count on JME to make sure your next Las Vegas event is distinctive, well planned, and executed.

World-Class Entertainment

One of the most important hallmarks of a successful event is also the most overlooked.  First class entertainment gives your event energy and liveliness.  It creates pace and gives the affair an smooth and linear flow.  Well planned entertainment builds anticipation and keeps guests right where you want them; at your event.  Equally important, guests will remember your event and comment on it all the next day on the trade show floor. How is that for return on investment?  How do you find top notch entertainment in Las Vegas?

Today, The Entertainment Capital is overflowing with entertainers.  From this huge pool of talent, a small percentage are invited to work a JME event.   These top pros take off other jobs to work for us and perform at a high level because we pay better and we’re better producers.  Whether yours is a simple, refined reception, a custom-tailored customer appreciation event, or an over-the-top awards gala, superior entertainment is the pièce de résistance of a well planned event.

On-site Supervision

Most event companies send operations staff to supervise your event.  When this occurs, valuable communications and important details are frequently lost.  With JME, you have a single point of contact from proposal to show site, me.

Corporate events are fluid and linear so the most critical times for changes and fine tuning are just before and during the event itself.  I will be the first one at your affair and I’ll always be in sight throughout to make sure yours is a successful event from start to finish.

We hope you enjoy viewing our gallery and customer reviews. Contact us today to start your own Las Vegas success story!


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