Choosing a Planner

Las Vegas Event Planner John Miller Creates Upscale, Distinctive Events

Experienced meetingand event professionals often hire a Las Vegas Event Planner to team with during a  hectic and demanding convention.  If you’re like them, you will likely discover some critical factors in selecting the right corporate event planner.

  • The Experienced Event Planner
  • The Responsive Planner
  • The Distinctive and Detailed Planner
  • The Creative Planner

Event Planner Experience

These days, it seems everyone in Vegas is an “event planner so finding a top notch planner is a must.   To get an idea of the planner’s experience, ask for references, pictures or look at their reviews or client testimonials.  You can also ask the event planner what types of similar events to yours they have planned recently. Their answer will speak volumes regarding the planner’s experience.

The Responsive Planner

A responsive planner will always get back to you the same day.  Also, you can tell a lot simply by the response.  Is their grammar and word usage correct? Have they answered all of your questions or only the first one?  A planner that is sloppy with the English language or only reads the top line of your email makes one wonder about how they will handle your critical event.

“Detailed and Distinctive”

These adjectives go hand in hand in event planning.  A detailed event planner should ask a lot of questions about your event and your attendees:

  1. What type of event are you planning?  EG, Perhaps a customer appreciation party, a welcome party, or awards banquet?
  2. What are the demographics of the attendees? Age range? Ratio of ladies to gentlemen?
  3. Are there any VIP’s that need special attention or recognition?  Like a boss’s birthday or favorite song; a prize drawing or attendee special recognition.
  4. What are the Goals Your Event?

The answers to these questions are the foundation for making your event distinctive.  The more details you uncover, the more distinctive your event becomes.  The detailed event planner will focus on these aspects and make them highlights of your event.

 Creativity vs. Imagination

Oscar Wilde said, “Imagination imitates. It’s the critical spirit that creates”.  He meant that it’s easy to copy or repeat past events or event components.  Creativity comes from never being complacent; refining event details over and over, always looking for new and different ways to reach the goal of their client.

Is your prospective Las Vegas event planner creative or repetitive?  Do their ideas sound original or a rehashed?  A creative event planner will suggest ideas specific to the theme or goals of your event.  For instance, if you have an awards banquet and the planner offers background music, they have missed a creative opportunity.  If your boss loves Elvis, Elvis had better sing to HER, or if the boss rides Harleys, Elvis should ride in to the room on a Softail Hog.  

Meetings and Tradeshow managers have discovered that hiring a Las Vegas Event Planner like JME to be an invaluable asset in the success of their program

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