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For any event from a simple casual to a demanding awards show, finding a good corporate band is than harder than you think.   A good corporate band has four essential ingredients:

  • Top-flight musicians Who Have Worked Together-Frequently
  • An Attentive Leader Who “Gets It”
  • Punctuality and Precision
  • Perfect Timing

Assuming you have the first ingredient (that’s more rare than you might imagine), the bandleader means everything to your event.  Once the doors open and you are busy with guests, Vip’s, your boss, and your boss’s boss, your bandleader can make or break your event.  Every event has essential ingredients that a good band can easily bring together while you attend to your duties.

A good bandleader is on-site EARLY, to meet you and discuss details  like exact starting time, opening music style, attendee information, the likes and dislikes of your boss or a special guest.  Playing the guest of honor’s favorite song can have a huge effect on that person’s ego (as well as your next raise).  The mere playing of Happy Birthday  has often made the night of a boss or special guest and enlivened an otherwise ordinary cocktail party.  Other elements frequently come up, such as a last-minute announcement, or a short address or a “thank-you for coming” or “welcome” from the big boss.  A top-flight band creates musical interludes, play-ons, and fanfare that add perfect timing for the speaker ALL, on the fly.

Awards events are probably the most overlooked opportunity to turn an ordinary event into a truly special evening. Our orchestra has become the go-to resource for Las Vegas awards shows.

Just read what our clients are saying:

Remarkably good! The awards music was well timed and perfectly executed. It allowed me to concentrate on the script and presentation of the awards. It is also impressive that we didn’t have to rehearse with the band. They simply followed our script. The Awards and Recognition Association 

Everything went wonderfully! The band was awesome…the best awards night we’ve ever had.Eco-Water Systems

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